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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Official - I have a VLOG

So - I actually do have a VLOG now.

Check it out - it might be better than this.

I think you click on that.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Student Quote

Good morning,
Thought I'd start you off with this gem that I overheard in my Homeroom class.

"You know that Filipinos used to be black? Yeah, the sun like scorched their skin and then like Mexicans came over and like turned them into Spanish. I swear."

This kid is not only clearly an idiot, but also an asshole so I feel perfectly fine calling him out like this.

I hope that this cheers you all up on Thursday.

Jose, you were once black.

Sorry it's short, but it's sweet!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Online Class & Dressing

Brian just gave me a hard time over email about not blogging. I am in a lull right now since I'm off this period and am trying to focus on doing this online class for reading which is so stupid. I'm trying to post responses to the other people in my class about their postings. It's so fake.

"Ryan, I really loved how you talked about illustrations in books you read when you were younger, I too loved looking at pictures as well as the words and following along."

Barf in a cup. That's how it is though. It's supposedly a hybrid class and the online parts and more difficult than the in-class parts. SO OBNOXIOUS. :)

So my mentor teacher is out of town until October 4th. It's good and it's bad. I really like that I can teach the class fully but it's also hard b/c I have to do everything and my 7th period is full of crazies. Today we are going to try and use the computers to type up essay's but...we'll see.

I just finished re-vamping some plans for Monday so I feel psyched about the class. I'm going to incorporate art and stuff into the lesson and do a compare and contrast of Athens vs. Sparta in that way. I'm going to have them predict things too and also maybe do some awesome activities. YAY for art history incorporation into social studies!

It baffles me how some teachers dress. I mean, I know that on Friday we are allowed to wear jeans but...some of the things that are worn are so unprofessional. For example, the teacher who is teaching right now in my classroom is wearing a Ravens jersey, like tevas (barf in a cup again) and some shorts. Yes, fucking shorts. She sucks and so does her outfit. Jeans = with a slash cargo shorts.

Psyched for this weekend but also I have so much work to do! Grad school is tougher than I thought!

Love to you all!
xo, SL

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Headache & Tailgating

Yesterday was a glorious day! For all of you in the DC Metro area, I hope that you ended up doing something outside. It was awesome. In the morning I had a golf lesson. It went well, we worked on chipping and short game. It was the first time that I'd ever done that. I did ok. Tim taught me some tricks. Mike was at the club too and he came over and gave me some more tips too, especially with the pitching wedge. As soon as he gave me the pointers, I was hitting really well! Then, on my way home, I get a text from Jake that says, "If you see Nicole (Mike's wife), don't tell her you saw him at the club." I started laughing.

When I got home I asked Jake what that text was all about. Apparently he was supposed to be doing errands and instead it just went to the driving range. Ha! I hope that Jake never lies to me about doing errands and then going to play golf instead. :) We can only hope right?

Then, we went to the store to get all kinds of tailgating materials! :) The Maryland game was last night at 6 so we invited Steph and John to come tailgate with us. It was so fun. It was sort of hot. Jake made burgers and dogs and we had lots of delicious refreshing beer! :) It also helped that Maryland CRUSHED Morgan State. It was almost a shut out! Go terps!

I'm now relaxing on the couch and Jake is making me breakfast. He's good at that. I'm so spoiled. I have SO much work and chores to do today, it's crazy!

So, about the headache thing. For the past like three days I've had a headache in my left temple. It's soooooo annoying. I've taken Advil a few times and I'm getting sick of it. Ugh, I hope it goes away soon.

Ok - I need to focus and also enjoy my breakfast.

Love to you all!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sneek Kill & Stumic Punch

So this first week of school we have homeroom for extended periods of time so the middle schoolers can get used to the rules they'd forgotten over the summer. We did an activity that asked them to think about what the world would be like if there were no rules. Then, we asked them to write down their thoughts in a paragraph.

See the attached that I saw left on a desk. I have no idea who wrote it, which is obviously a good thing or I would have to judge that student.

Please note: the AWESOME spelling, the infatuation with obesity, and that there were things even too terrible for the student to name.

Sorry that this is short but I thought this would speak for itself.

Happy Thursday!

Mrs. SL

Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day & Vampires

So, not sure how many of you are actually friends with me on facebook. Probably all of you do since only my friends read this. Ha.

I am relaxing with a beer after my first day of school with students at Wilde Lake! I love the middle school kids! I have four 7th grade classes and two 6th although I'm not technically supposed to teach the 6th graders, because they are considered elementary school kids. The GT class is so excited about learning that I could barely handle them. I can't wait to see the true colors of the kids come out since they will be getting to know me and each other over the next few weeks.

So, I'm into True Blood and it's cool or whatever but I just have to say that I'm in love with Eric Northman and if he does from the sunlight with that douche Russell, I'm going to stop watching the show. He is so hot. He makes the show. There are too many new weird characters with weird magical powers that it's getting overwhelming. Anyway, I just wanted to reiterate that I love Eric. Thanks.

I'm excited to spend the weekend with my sister in New York. We are leaving on Friday and get back Monday. We don't have that much planned but it should be a good time regardless since all we really need is food, some wine and hang out time! :) I'd be perfectly happy doing nothing!

Luna wants to go outside or eat or something because she is getting up in my grill and getting her hair all over my laptop computer. Niiiiice, Luna. Every time I make a move she thinks I'm moving to play or feed her.


p.s. i have a student named Lexus.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

NYC & Carpet

Good morning!
I'm sitting here watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air and eating my amazing bowl of yogurt and fresh peaches, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. I know you are jealous. But what I know you aren't jealous of is the fact that there are two guys here that are installing our new carpet for upstairs. Do you KNOW how expensive that shit it? Wow, we were shocked when the Empire Carpet guy gave us the estimate. Oh, well, hopefully it will look great when it's done. :)

New York was awesome per usual, can't ever expect anything less than that. I stayed with Leah for a few nights in Brooklyn, which worked out really well for me since I needed a place to park my car since I drove up. My days in the city were fun. I did a lot of exploring and got a lot of shit done. Let's go through some of the highlights:

1. getting a bikini wax
2. buying "starting fire" in Union Square and then reading it in like three hours.
3. drinks with Jason and Caroline - was able to catch up with him! Seems like I can run into him in all corners of the world
4. dinner with Leah (x2)
5. dinner with Jess - major catch up session needed!
6. Private tour of the Frick Gallery courtesy of Julian, including when we were locked in the basement for about 5 minutes.
7. Chatting and catch up with Brianna while walking around the Whitney
8. Picasso exhibit at the Met
9. seeing "The Other Guys" because it was too hot to continue walking.
10. happy hour with former Lehman ppl!~
11. dinner and drinks with Tanzer - my favorite!

I did a lot and walked a lot but it was such a fun time. I wanted to profile two people that I saw riding the subway. The subway in New York is an excellent way to get some good people watching skills in. I saw one creepy guy that looked like baby huey kid, maybe about 28 years old or so sitting on the 4 train with two HUGe packets of sweet tarts, like the kind that come in big rolls. He was eating them like there was no tomorrow. It was like, before he was even done chewing one, he was shoving another into his mouth. It was so gross. Although I love sweet tarts and would have asked him for one had he not looked like the most disgusting person on earth.

Ok - this entry is only average. I'm going to write more things soon.

Love, SL